JTC Foundation Inc. was founded on April 28, 2004. The name of the foundation was derived from Jason Thomas Camp and created in his memory. Jason was killed in an automobile accident on March 11, 2004, leaving behind a daughter Kayla (3 yrs old) and a step-son Cameron (7 yrs old). It was because of his two children and what was to become of their future that inspired our mission.

Our primary mission is to help the young people of our community who have lost an immediate family member, are in a single parent family, are a foster child, or show a financial need. Any one of these events can be detrimental to a young person and can alter their focus on their future. We hope by offering a scholarship, to those who have experienced such events, that it would help guide them in a positive direction.

JTC Foundation Inc. is a 501 (c) (3) public charity corporation and is comprised of volunteers, friends, and family members. No one involved with the foundation receives a wage for the work they do. Any donations that we collect go towards helping our community and to pay for our operating costs. At times, some of the operating costs are absorbed personally as part of our own contribution to the foundation which in turn is our contribution to the community.

The JTC Foundation not only benefits the youth but in a way it also benefits our members. Through helping those who have experienced similar events or needs, it makes us feel good to be able to contribute in loving memory of Jason Thomas Camp. The foundation is about sharing through friends, sharing through family experiences, and sharing through financial assistance.

JTC Foundation’s contributions so far have been in the form of college scholarships. In 2005 it began by raising money and offering 4-$500 scholarships to Brazoswood High School for their 2006 graduating seniors. Since then we have added Brazosport, Angleton, West Columbia, Danbury, and Sweeny High Schools to our recipient schools. When our scholarships are handed out in May 2017, we will have given a total of $50,000 to local deserving seniors.

Our goal with this year’s fundraiser is to collect enough funds to expand to even more Brazoria County schools and to possibly offer bigger awards for next year. Our long term goals will still be to focus on scholarships, but we would also like to start new projects that would benefit our community in other ways as well.

Won’t you please help us in accomplishing our goal of helping guide our children in a positive way? We are asking that you assist us by making a donation for a good cause!